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Image de Simon Berger


Freelance, micro-entrepreneur... But above all new objectives and challenges!

    Having a courserelatively versatile, I decided to flourish in something vast, which affects a lot of people and areas. 

    Passionate, caring and always looking for projects, I would first likesupport and help people who want to renewin their work management throughpublic relationsand somecommunication. Whether they are projects ofcompanies,ofself-employed,ofassociations,offoundations, projects already designed that you would like to rework in terms of communication or any help if you want a market study, for example, I am ready for any eventuality!

    With a scientific background, I studied medicine, law, audiovisual and cinema, hotel reception and then communication. I also have a great attraction for languages, particularly English for which I am bilingual (diplomas from Cambridge). I also speak Italian and Spanish.

    Secondly, and if you have come this far, you may have also noticed a "little" interest in thewriting. Indeed, as far back as I can remember, I have always loved creating, having projects and writing. That's why I decided to becomeeditorfor all mediums. I am particularly attached to spelling and, passionate about journalism, research whatever the areas of predilection interest me greatly. 

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