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Article extract in French (cinema)

ForWritings  of Midnight

Flashbacks in Citizen Kane (1941)

Between power frenzy and melancholy, a mysterious rosebud blooms



    The opening sequence with the inscription "no trespassing» sets the tone of the filmCitizen KaneofOrson Welles. Indeed, there are many cross-fadings with fitting of shapes and objects (gate of a house, landscape) with very dark images. This plunges the viewer into theexpectantand in amysterious atmosphere.


    The first flashback concerning the life ofCharles Foster Kane, who has just died, is introduced by the voiceover of a man. It is in fact a mise en abyme: a film projected in a cinema inside this film. The images filmed in a journalistic way (succession of newspaper clippings, archives, a policeman even comes to meet the cameraman, like a report that takes place) are projected and its credibility to be put on the program of a cinema is studied. by several men. On seeing “The end: news on the March”, one of the men points out that he lacks a point of view.

    What seems to emerge from this report is in fact a recurring and mysterious place because always hidden by trees in the image, we do not know its price (unlike other items in Kane's heritage):Xanadu. This place is reminiscent of Mr Arkadin's castle in Spain inSecret FileofOrson Welles, instead ofpower and fortress. So we can't help thinking thatthe money and the secretare also at the center of the story.

    Thesecretindeed lies in Kane's last words on his deathbed "Rosebud". The businessman decides to entrust the mission which, according to him, “may be easy (may be easy)”.

The following plan is infull contrastwith these words: athunder soundwith somelightningpaces the shot on a billboard of a blonde woman. The camera begins to move and plunges us, crossing the set (the transparent roof where Kane's ex-wife is), in the search for thetruth.


   sequence shotsare numerous and set the rhythm between flashbacks and returns to the present:

    The meeting between Mr Thompson and Susan Alexander already consists of two sequence shots. It ends with a fade to black and, still to the sound ofthunders, we access the “Walker Parks Thatcher library”. The voice of a school secretary resonates and is authoritative. therear dollyin a wide shot that follows them, followed by a crossfade and then the same closer shot of the two people entering a room, suggesting to the viewer that Thompson is getting closer to the truth and, at the same time as the door closes in close up thathe rushes into ahard quest for truth. The halos of light illuminate the book about Kane which is lying on the table for Thompson to consult. This one is filmed from behind and the writings, filmed in very close-up, let us read "I met Mr. Kane for the first time in 1971 (I first met Mr Kane in 1871)”.

    Thefirst flashbackis introduced by a color match thanks to a crossfade between thebook paperand thesnow, landscape in which the young Kane plays, then a child. This flashback is also filled with sequence shots. We can imagine that this choice is explained by thewaiting for young Kane: while he is playing and shouting in the snow, his parents have a long discussion with Thatcher, and do not yet suspect that he will have to leave. The fact that we see Kane through the window and that the spectator is then in an omniscient point of view throughout the scene reinforces thepathetic dimension.{...}


Opinion on a text (real estate) forSweet Immo

Avis article immobilier

Article for landscaping/decoration siteThe House of Works

Build a bathroom in the attic

    Far from being relegated solely to the role of an attic, the attic can represent a realassetfor your home. Admittedly, this requires some very special arrangements and above all very suitable for this space under the roof, but with a few basic tips, it is worth installing or moving the bathroom under the roof!


    The essential step is to makecall a professionalin order to be able to advise you both at the technical and administrative level: depending on the space and the extent of the work or developments to be carried out, this project will be the subject of a simple declaration or a building permit .


    Then, it is necessary to proceed to theconnectionsof this new piece:

  • At the electrical level, the attics being often dark because they do not have many openings, it is better to provide several electrical outlets and lighting systems. An independent electrical network may well be possible.

  • At the hydraulic level, future water points should be placed as close as possible to the water drainage column, that is to say, ideally, above an existing bathroom. Little tip: the towel warmer will provide warmth while optimizing space.

At this level, too, an independent system can be created.

  • At thermal level : with water heating, connections are made to the existing network; but an independent water heater can be installed. For electric heating, a simple connection is sufficient.


    Synonym ofhumidity, the bathroom requires special attention in terms ofsealingand D'aeration. The recommended tiling is a wooden floor, the tiling proving too heavy.

It is essential to install agood CMVto prevent mold from appearing on the walls. About thebrightness, it will also be necessary to think of making large roof windows such as skylights to illuminate the room, if possible. Otherwise, installing LED-type white light spotlights, which are very economical, is very effective.


    Depending on the size of the attic,different layoutscan be considered.

A rather small future bathroom? It can be enlarged with a set of mirrors, rather large, with many light points, and walls in light color(s).

    A room under the roof is not necessarily synonymous with a small space. For larger areas, you can take advantage of the height under the ceiling to install a shower and/or a basin and turn it into a bathroom.

If you want to create a relaxation area with a real bathroom, take advantage of the space under the slopes to place a bathtub, your toilet or a storage unit.


    Finally, what would this layout be without a finish withdecoration ? In any case, it is better to opt for shallow furniture withsliding doors.

    For small areas, take advantage of recesses to installcorner shelves, very design and practical. In this case, we do not overload too much decoration so as not to suffocate the ambient space. It is recommended to installsinkswith a storage unit placed below and suspended toilets. Adding a few small decorative elements remains quite appreciable: a small plant, a wall coat rack.

    For large spaces, you can install a piece of furniture withdouble basin, candles, plants, a small coffee table and even, why not, a small bench for aSPA effect !


    And you are ready to install a new room in your home!

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